Watching a movie or smartphones during small breaks and tedious journeys have become very much common in the recent few years. All the credit goes to the sudden shift of the Telecommunication industry to the digitalization which has brought us the new era of entertainment.

As a regular user, most of us are very much familiar with the popular names of the websites to stream movies. Putlocker is a very famous name in this sector, however after the suspension of the website it has become necessary to find perfect alternatives for putlocker to continue the uninterrupted movie time.

  • Amazon Prime

You do not come across an application which charges a subscription fee to stream videos and movies, still the popularity if it does not get affected a bit. With the enriched collection of movies, series and even more interesting web series Amazon Prime has managed to rule the digital market for quite some time now.

If you are willing to pay a certain amount of money to enjoy your movies without any kind of annoying ads, can you definitely choose Amazon Prime? Not only you will get to see various original content and latest movies also fantastic visual experience in HD quality.

You can also download your favorite show and watch it later offline, with this features Amazon Prime has made it to the top of the list.

  • Moviefone

If you will use this app, then you will get the same by which you had using putlocker, because of the using procedure is quite similar. The rates of TV programs broadcasted over here are quite a low in price compared to the other leading online video streaming applications.

The application drugs many eyes with its unique feature, where you can get into a communicative circle of the international fan base. Share your views and you will also get to learn about other fans of your favorite movie stars. Most of the times this interaction turn up to be greatly productive and will increase your knowledge about some really good films.

  • WatchMoviesFree

As the name says it all it is one of the most reliable free movie streaming app. It is very easy to handle has all the available genres are mentioned just below the search bar, so you can click on your favorite genre.

You’ll get a brief description of the story along with the title former and also the layout is very much promising while playing the movie. The navigation bar you will get search options on the basis of different countries and also obviously on the basis of different genres. The series available on this site cannot be played directly as the website uses a third party for the streaming. Altogether this can be a great replacement for putlocker.

  • SolarMovie

If we say that in this side you will get a lot of genres, you will say that it is very common among this kind of applications. But what is not for men that here you will get 30 dollars from which you can choose your favorite. This website is completely free and the quality of the video is not compromised even in one single case.

The founder of the wise solution against the anti-piracy activity, the frequency that ranges in their usual domain and currently you will find them on

  • Niter

If you are a fan of Netflix but you are unable to do a subscription due to the high rates on a per month basis. This is the site where you will find the same kind of visual experience and that to completely free.

Filter your search by enabling proper options and you will only see those movies you want to watch. Screen layout of the movies is very much impressive and also some of them come to you in HD quality.

  • FMovies

It is true that you may not find this website on all the platforms. The strong anti-virus policy has resulted in blocking of this website on various domains. But you can still search it online and you may find it on some of the domains.

The popularity of this site has grown due to the impressive image quality and also all the movies are free to watch. Guess watch, you don’t have to tolerate annoying advertisements in between an interesting scene.

In many ways it can become the perfect replacement for putlocker as on this website also you can watch your movies and even stream them on your Smart TV. You also don’t have to pay any kind of money for the original series you will find on this website. The movies come in fantastic image quality and there are very few advertisements in between.

So these are some of the most convenient and often chosen options instead of putlocker. You can just give them a try and watch on your own which size fits your expectation of visual experience. So now go and search your favorite movie in one of these websites and enjoy your day.

Best Alternatives To Putlocker