Let’s face it. The average investor struggles to know how to invest their extra earnings. They don’t have a degree in business. He or she can’t predict financial bubbles or analyze market trends. It’s difficult to traverse the financial landscape when there is a sea of conflicting information. Many investors prefer to manage their money alone rather than to risk a dishonest money manager. People want to grow their wealth, but simply don’t know how to do it effectively.

There is a company that can help.

For over a decade, Agora Financial has been in the business of helping investors stay ahead of the curve through a multitude of publications. Books, seminars and documentaries make learning about investments available to all learning styles. Over one million readers have accessed the 20 different publications to effectively build wealth and manage money. These publications cover topics such as finding companies poised for rapid growth, secrets of generating income, and wealth protection strategies.

This company takes pride in its research being 100% unbiased, honest, and independent. They refuse to take money in exchange for coverage.

Rather than study trends from an office, their analysts travel the world to investigate a wide array of investment opportunities that have yet to hit the mainstream. They spend over one million dollars in travel annually, in an attempt to keep their readers ahead of the curve. Oftentimes, once a company receives mainstream attention, it becomes out of reach for the average investor to make large profits. They find companies to invest in before they become mainstream, making higher profits more achievable.

Their team of expert’s range in experience from geology, journalism, hedge fund management, banking, and film making. These experts have received high honors in their respective fields.

They have made note worth financial claims. They went on record for calling the rise of gold in 1999. In 2004, their experts predicted the 2008 mortgage crisis, with enough time for readers to protect themselves. They foresaw the oil price spike in 2007, while 2008 brought the rise of medicine and biotechnology. While others may have missed out on opportunities or were blind-sided by crises, Agora Financial readers were able to survive and thrive.

Agora Financial has been an innovating voice in financial advice for over 25 years. They state that they help people manage their own money, not by telling people what to think, but rather showing them what we think. Their independent commentary, news, analysis and market forecasts are delivered through many free and paid publications.

Their approach to financial forecasts is honest, unbiased, and unconventional. They have been recognized by Reuters, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and many more. They can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Agora Financials’ independent financial advice keeps investors ahead of the curve