We all know whether there are many websites in the internet world. Maybe millions, maybe billions. The competition is very tight, because when you googling, surely you will open a website that appears on the start page, right? If the start page is okay, you certainly don’t need to go to pages 2,3 to 10 Google. Even though it could be, on those back pages, you can find something better.

Therefore, even though your content is extraordinarily great, without skilled SEO techniques, your website will be difficult to develop. For this problem, Scottsdale SEO Company LinkHelpers can help you understand more about SEO. And here are some tips that you might need to know.

 1. Never forget to give a name and caption to each image that you specify in accordance with the content

Images are needed to illustrate or clarify the contents of the writing. This will make your SEO ranking boost. In addition to communicating content to readers, images can also be a reference for Google when selecting information. But if you upload your picture with the name img_23hkkjf_9218.jpeg or 14792038236239.png of course your drawing can’t be read by search engines. Therefore, don’t forget to provide a caption on the image that is relevant to the content you want to illustrate. For example, instead of numbers you can create blogger_seo.jpeg. Besides making it easier for search engines to read, it is also more eye-catching.

2. ‘Keywords’ are keywords for SEO rankings. Titles and tags that are SEO friendly must pay attention to what people type when on the Google page

Titles and tags are the most important things on a website. To make Google recognize your website, you must pay close attention to the post titles you use and the tags that you pin. To make an interesting title, you have to know what keywords people often write when they are on the search engine. For example “Astrology”, “Healthy life”, “Success” and so forth. By knowing what people are looking for, you can make attractive titles, so Google will immediately refer to you when someone does a search. In addition to the title, you also have to put keywords on tags that are usually located at the bottom of the text. The more creative you find keywords, the more your website is friendly to find.

3. URLs also affect SEO ranking. The shorter the URL, the more likely your traffic will be high. As long as you don’t forget to enter important keywords there

The next thing to note is the URL, which is the address that will refer to your website and post. You can’t change this URL later, because replacing the URL will automatically form a new address. So that comments, backlinks, and page addresses of old addresses will disappear. Therefore, the URL must be considered carefully at the beginning. Automatic URLs can be in the form of long, unpolluted sentences such as qwerty.com/abcd/ddegfrfkrfjrj_26345434890.html. URLs like this are not eye-catching and are not SEO friendly. For your website to have many readers, replace the URL by entering keywords, for example: qwerty.com/writer/rachel/seo_friendly. The shorter the URL you have, the more easily your article can be found. To change the URL you can do it automatically through website settings, or manually, before you publish content.

3 SEO Tips for Bloggers